Friday, December 31, 2010

Growing things

12/31/10 - Last day of 2010 and first day of blog...
     I chose this template because it shows growing things and that is the theme of my blog and my life.  My desire is to be of service to mankind in the best way I can and evidently I had a lot to learn in this life before I could get to this point.  As much as I love others, I have had to learn that the only way I can help others to learn and to grow is to do it myself first, so that is my path.
     Today is the last day of 2010.  A perfect day to start a blog.  This past year has been a strange one.  The top censored news item in the US in 2010 was the plan announced at the G8 summit and the UN to drop the US dollar and adopt a new world currency.  Look out dollar in 2011!  My philosophy is that all things work together for good and that everything that happens is the best thing that can happen for our spiritual learning and growth.  Maybe if the dollar collapses then we will learn to know our neighbors and cooperate in a wonderful new unity!  Sorry to get sidetracked into politics, but I like to keep up.  2010 has been strange for me personally because 3 of my family, my ex, my brother and my cousin completely freaked out on me.  It was quite unsettling because I love all 3 of them and have always been close, but they completely invented a crazy reason to verbally attack me and sever our relationship in 3 separate and different incidents. Has this happened to others recently?  I think it is the separation of the wheat from the chaff in Christian vernacular.  I think the earth is going through a change in consciousness, an increase in vibration.  I'm trying to keep up and most of my family and friends are too I believe, consciously or unconsciously, but those who have chosen darkness and isolation vs. love and unity will be repulsed by the light.  All 3 of those family members are addicted and mentally unstable.  I would love to help them and send them light, but I must also honor their free will choices.
     I am living in Sequim, Washington in a gorgeous house that used to belong to my Dad before he passed and is now for sale.  Everyone loves it when they see it, but there are so many houses in distress, that the few people that are looking are expecting a big bargain.  I am confident however, that the right person will come along at the right time.
     The highlight of my year was late summer, when I drove up to Alaska through Canada and spent a month with my wonderful sister who lives in Anchorage and my aforementioned brother who lives in Homer.  My sister and I went kayaking in a gorgeous lake and drove down to Seward and took a fantastic glacier cruise where a huge pod of orcas cavorted all around the big catamaran.  Driving the Alcan highway was so much fun and I had many adventures and it was so beautiful. I made it a point to find hot springs to visit and camped at Tachini hot springs outside of Whitehorse, Yukon for a week.  Tachini Hot Springs was wonderful, but the best hot springs ever is Liard Hot Springs.  It's a state park, and was free when I stopped by.  The piping hot mineral water came straight out of the mountain into a series of gradually cooling pools.  If you are fortunate enough to visit sometime, don't forget the bug spray though!  I didn't know those little gnats were biters!  If anyone wants to see my trip pictures, here's the link:
     Another highlight was a first-time trip to Chicago to participate in a first-time retreat with Sai Maa.  The retreat and her followers held a great deal of light and I experienced a wonderful opening of my heart chakra.  I was also privileged to help edit a book by one of my favorite people.  Her name is Tantra Maat and the book is about her supernatural experiences in Ireland.  It's called An Irish Tale of a Modern Mystic and her website is .  I highly recommend both.  
     I wish I had been keeping a blog this past year, so I could tell you everything I was learning and experiencing along the way, but this coming year is going to be amazing too, so time to get started!  Next week I will be leaving for a month to go to South America for the first time and I have lots of exciting places to go and I'm sure my Higher Self has many more experiences for me that I can't imagine yet.
     I would love to hear questions, reactions or comments to my blog.  I will be happy to consider and respond in my future postings.
     In Unity and Love, Margaret

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